Climate and seasons in Switzerland

Winter in Montreux

Snow is very frequent in Switzerland during the winter months and remains for several months and even sometimes for more than half of the year at high altitudes. Thus, you have the possibility to go skiing and snowboarding throughout a good part of the year…notably in Zermatt, the ski resort with the longest winter sports season.
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Spring in Montreux

Although the temperatures in spring are moderate and the weather is quite sunny, it is still possible for you to head for the snowy slopes of the highest ski resorts in the country.
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Summer in Montreux

The climate is moderate and temperatures are generally not excessively hot. The mornings stay relatively cool but from midday onwards, the temperatures can increase and bring with it a hot climate. Ideal for going in for a dip at Le Pierrier or in La Maladaire…
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Autumn in Montreux

The temperatures are generally mild and pleasant. Sometimes Montreux experiences a nice « Indian summer » until the end of October: what a delight ! And nature, adorned with its multicoloured leaves, invites you to take excursions in the mountains.
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