e-Guide to Montreux

e-Guide to Montreux

Welcome to the e-Guide to Montreux

If there are places that people only pass through, Montreux is most definitely one of those places that people return to. Our e-Guide to Montreux has the intention of revealing to you some of the secrets of the town otherwise known as the «Pearl of the Riviera».

A resort known worldwide, taken over by English tourists who have succumbed to its charm since the beginning of the 20th century, Montreux unashamedly rivals its European counterparts, Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Genoa, Rimini or Torbay.

Atmosphere…Montreux, it’s the Jazz Festival, but it’s also fondue at Le Museum. The Jazz Festival, of course, with its wild nights and the sublime quays lined with palm trees and select hotels. Montreux contributes a good deal towards international festivals, but also to the picturesque fairs of « very regional » villages.

Walks along the «bordul»
With its rare tree species and exotic scents, Lake Geneva seems to have been especially designed to embrace the multicoloured banks of the promenade. No doubt! Montreux is made for pleasure.

From Geneva to the Valais region, passing by Fribourg and Neuchâtel, Switzerland has multiple faces, cultivates its medieval mysteries and offers a wide range of incredible landscapes. Mountains, forests, lakes, glaciers…of unrivalled beauty.