on the dancefloor! : Discos in Lausanne

Discos in Lausanne

For your « sleepless » nights: Top 5 discos in Lausanne

Disco-Lausanne 1: Mad (moulin à danse)

If you love electro music, then head to Le Mad of Lausanne to dance all night long under the lights of the projectors and to the pulsating rhythm of captivating music. Numerous DJs come to entertain you in this night temple of Lausanne. 5 floors which wakes up at 11 p.m. only to go to sleep at 5 a.m.
The programme of DJ evenings is available on the website: www.mad.ch
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Disco-Lausanne 2: Loft

Le Loft organises evening for all tastes : reggae, hip hop, latino, electronic music. Le loft is also reputed for its student nights on Thursdays. Before going on to the dancefloor, the bar of Le Loft is a pleasant place to start off the evening and is reputed for its large variety of shots. An eventful night is in store!
For further information: www.loftclub.ch
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Disco-Lausanne 3: Le D ! club

You like house music ? Don’t miss a night out at Le D ! A former theatre converted into a cinema, le D ! today figures as a place not to be missed for festivities in Lausanne.
For further information: www.dclub.ch
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Disco-Lausanne 4: Le Cult

In you’re on the lookout for a fashionable place, a pleasant atmosphere and lively music, le Cult is the place you need to go…Be surprised by this stylish disco with a programme abounding in surprises.
For further information: www.cultclub.ch
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Disco-Lausanne 5: L’atelier volant

If you wish to practice one of the most sensual dances that exist, the salsa, l’atelier volant has a floor reserved for latino music. By going to L’atelier volant, you can also move to the rhythm of the current hits.
You can consult the programme on the website: www.ateliervolant.ch
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